abs workout machine

Best Sit-up Device Ever

Patented Ergonomic Design

Flex-Action Technology

Stress Cushion Padding

ab former

Strengthen core, flatten stomach, tone abs!

Abs NonStop Workout

300 Nonstop Sit-ups

Use the AbMax300 to achieve unbelievable results regardless of age, gender, or fitness level!

Within weeks, the 20-minutes-a-day Abs NonStop Workout will tone and strengthen your core to astonishing levels!

With less difficulty than you can imagine, the AbMax300 will enhance your core strength to a degree capable of achieving a minimum of 300 nonstop sit-ups!

Use the AbMax300 along with the R2B Training System, and you can achieve all this in as little as 4-6 weeks.

strengthen core, flatten stomach, tone abs