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Best Sit-Up Device Ever!


The fitness equipment presently available to assist sit-up exercises, crunches, and other related core workouts are regularly either heavy, uncomfortable, immobile apparatus or cheap, flimsy contraptions too light and unreliable to be truly effective.

The AbMax300 is completely independent, collapsible, lightweight and durable. From any room in the house to most any outside surface, the AbMax300 can be used almost anywhere to assist the performance of sit-ups, crunches, and other core-strengthening and toning exercises.

AbMax300 Abformer

Maximize results using the
Best Sit-Up Device Ever!

AbMax300 Abformer

Ergonomic, Flex-Action Technology, Collapsible & Portable, Lightweight & Durable
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Abs Nonstop Workout

Achieve the ability to complete 300+ continuous sit-ups all within 4-8 weeks

Abs NonStop Workout

Regardless of fitness level 300+ nonstop sit-ups using the AbMax300 and recommended instruction
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Strengthen Your Core To "Abtastic" Levels!

Six Instructions: 4-8 weeks

300+ Nonstop Sit-Ups!

Use the AbMax300 to achieve unbelievable results regardless of age or fitness level!

In less time and with less difficulty than you can imagine, the AbMax300 will enhance your core strength to a degree capable of achieving 300+ continuous sit-ups!

Use the AbMax300 along with Reps2Beat’s Beat-Speed Training System, and you can achieve all this within 4-8 weeks.

fold and carry sit-ups!

It is a simple fact. Each year, millions of health-conscious individuals seek out affordable abdominal-strengthening equipment and programs that assist both fat reduction and core toning improvement. Outside of the AbMax300, there exists no other fitness device on the market whereby an exerciser can perform, at almost any place and on most any surface, unassisted sit-ups and other core exercises. Even more, the AbMax300 is completely independent, collapsible, lightweight, and durable. Easy to use, the fold and carry appeal of the AbMax300 allows its users the flexibility of performing their core/sit-up workout in any room of the house, at the office, gym, beach, or park.

Strengthen Core, Flatten Stomach, Tone Abs!

Effective Solution for an Energized Body and a Strong and Lean Core!

Best Sit-Up Device Ever!


The AbMax300 Abformer’s patented ergonomic design with flex-action technology, utilizes stress cushion padding and a feet alignment component to influence support of proper back, neck, and hip flexor positioning.

Because they often work your bent spine against a hard floor surface and put legs and feet into a position that can adversely affect the hip flexors, sit-ups can be difficult on the body’s lower back and neck regions.


...a little less sleep, a little less lounging, a little less standing about doing nothing, and more of my needs will be met, more of my dreams and desires fulfilled...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                – AM2600

In the fitness community, there currently exists no other sit-up/core assistance device like that of the AbMax300 by Abformer Products.

Actual Results

The core workout instruction recommended for use in conjunction with the AbMax300 was already a remarkable training concept assisting individuals in achieving astounding sit-us results. Once the first AbMax300 prototypes were introduced for use alongside of this training program, participants recognized almost immediate core-strength improvement. Existing members increased their nonstop sit-up output 25-100%, while new members realized hundreds of nonstop sit-ups within weeks of starting the program.

Ergonomic Design

Shapes the body's core with strength and tone improvement to abdominals and obliques


Technological home/gym core workout device that really works


Folds up with easy to carry handle and quick storage


Hygienic cushion and padding design provides comfort and backside protection


Most frequent questions and answers about AbMax300

With the AbMax300 Abformer, can I really achieve 300 continuous sit-ups as part of my regular workout routine?

Absolutely. In fact, within a few weeks, most of those who complete the recommended AbMax300 training program reach the ability to complete 300 or more nonstop sit-ups in just 20 minutes.

What level of fitness should I be at to use the AbMax300 Abformer?

Regardless of fitness level, the AbMax300 has a tremendous success rate and has been used most effectively by all types of individuals regardless of where they are on their fitness journey. Athletes, frequent gym-goers, folks who want to lose weight and full-on couch potatoes have all benefited from including the AbMax300 in their fitness routine.

Why is the AbMax300 Abformer considered “The Best Sit-up Device Ever”?

Accessibility, comfort, and mobility are key components to why the AbMax300 is considered among its users to be “the best sit-up device ever”. Other sit-up and assistance devices often fall into one of two categories: heavy and stationary or flimsy and unreliable. In both cases, these devices are often impractical, uncomfortable, and at best, achieve only short-lived effectiveness. The AbMax300 is collapsible with an easy-to-carry handle, is lightweight, comfortable, and can be used on most any surface. These features of the AbMax300 are designed to encourage its more frequent and consistent use.

What benefit will I achieve from using the AbMax300?

Most who begin use of the AbMax300 soon realize other benefits in addition to a stronger, leaner core. Increased flexibility, energy, and recuperation are among a few of the other benefits users have claimed. This is true especially among those who maintain routine and consistent use of the abformer.

How does the AbMax300 differ from other sit-up fitness equipment?

The ergonomic design of the AbMax300 and its applied Flex-Action Technology are two chief factors that separate the AbMax300 from other sit-ups fitness devices. These innovations provide AbMax300 users the ability to secure themselves confidently and comfortably in a position where their abdominal core is isolated to achieve the most benefit and allows users to achieve hundreds of nonstop sit-ups in a single session.

I have back and neck issues. Can I still benefit from using the AbMax300 Abformer?

There are an unlimited number of medical physicians, articles, and other media that promote the benefits that sit-ups can contribute to the abdominal core and overall health and wellness of the human body. Even among those who used to suffer from chronic back and neck pain, many users of the AbMax300 report that along with greater energy and flexibility, they now experience lesser to no back and neck pain whatsoever. Still Abformer Products recommends you always consult with your doctor before engaging in any fitness activity or product-use to avoid and reduce the risk of injury.