Achieve over 300 nonstop sit-ups!

AbMax300 and the Abs NonStop Workout

Strengthen your core, flatten your stomach, tone your abs!
Regardless of age or fitness level.

  • 6 instructions/6 weeks (average)
  • 4-5 days per week
  • 20-minutes per day

The ABs NonStop Workout

There are very few men and women of our health-conscious society who at one time or another have not embarked on a mission to lose weight and bring some slimming and toning to their body’s abdominal area. Society is now more than ever aware of the importance a strong core plays in maintaining overall health and wellness. In recent years, countless scores of core exercise programs and routines have exploded onto the fitness scene. Many of which use some variance of sit-ups and crunches to target the abdominal region. Even so, core workouts though tolerated, are often listed among the most challenging to maintain. The ABs Nonstop Workout is a patented, minutes-a-day core training instruction course. This instruction, along with the Abmax300 core abdominal platform, inspires participation while sculpting the body’s mid-section. Within a few short weeks of following the ABs Nonstop instruction, individuals who could barely manage more than a few continuous sit-ups are now achieving hundreds; nonstop; and loving it! Individuals who once detested core and sit-up exercises, now make the ABs Nonstop Workout their principal core fitness routine. Amazingly, these are hands-at-the-head, elbow-to-knee sit-ups; not to be confused with crunches.
Not all fitness programs are for everyone. We insist you consult your physician before engaging in any physical activity. At the same time, you need not be a supreme athlete or fitness buff to get your body’s core region into the kind of shape that can perform 300+ nonstop sit-ups.
The Abs NonStop Workout is a product of R2B Training. Incorporating the principle and concepts of Absolute Beat Speed, R2B Training is used to increase and improve an individual’s performance level for most any fitness activity, routine, or program.

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