Heighten and increase abdominal fitness results using the “Best Sit-Up Device Ever”. Strengthen your core, flatten your stomach, and tone your abs with the AbMax300 by Abformer Products. The AbMax300’s ergonomic design, flex-action technology, and stress cushion padding offers its users the ability to maximize their core to astonishing levels.

Even more and better results are realized when exercisers use the AbMax300 in conjunction with R2BTraining’s online instruction to achieve 300+ continuous sit-ups in as little as 4-8 weeks



Comfortable, portable, and lightweight, the AbMax300 Abformer provides users of all fitness levels with unassisted sit-ups anywhere and on most any surface. Get your own AbMax300 Abformer and train to improve your core performance and overall health.


AbMax300 Abformer

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