On average, individuals who could initially execute no more that 5-30 consecutive sit-ups are by week six of the ANW instruction, performing 300-500 nonstop sit-ups within a 20-minute time period; those who could initially execute 30-70 consecutive sit-ups, now complete 600-1000 continuous nonstop sit-ups; and others who initially performed 40 or more nonstop sit-ups, go on to achieve maximums of 1000+ nonstop sit-ups all within a 4-8 week program.

Almost 100% of all individuals who participate in the Abs NonStop Workout also purchase the AbMax300 Abformer.

Each week, ANW members participate in one online instruction session (Absession). Following each online Absession, members are directed to perform the week’s given instruction for the next four proceeding days. Members perform the non-instructional days on their own or with other online members of the ANW program free of charge.

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Regardless of age and fitness level, individuals using the AbMax300 in conjunction with R2B Training’s Abs NonStop Workout, have within a matter of a few weeks, experience increase to their abdominal core that can only be described as remarkable.


AbMax300 Abformer

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