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Ab Workout to Increase Ab Size

This difficult ab workout is designed to build the size and definition of your abdominal muscles.

  • Workout Goal: Build Muscle
  • Workout Type: Single Muscle Group
  • Training Level: Advanced
  • Program Duration: 6 weeks
  • Days Per Week: 2
  • Time Per Workout: 15-30 minutes
  • Equipment Required: Bodyweight, Cables, Exercise Ball
  • Target Gender: Male & Female

Workout Description

This advanced abdominal workout aims to enhance the size of your abdominal muscles, while also improving their definition and visibility. The program is performed twice a week, with a minimum of two days between workouts. Traditionally, ab movements are performed at a rep range of approximately 20, however this program works at a rep range of 10-12 with increasing loads to build abdominal size.

Workout Schedule

Workout 1

Cable Crunch312
Weighted Leg Raise310
Weighted Exercise Ball Crunch312

All exercises should be performed gradually! Concentrate on crunching the abs, not hip rotation. You should utilize a sufficient amount of weight so that you can simply complete the set using proper technique. If you believe you can perform a few more reps, increase the weight.

Workout 2

Hanging knee raise, twisting312
Decline sit-ups (weighted)310-12
Decline abdominal reach (weighted)410

Twist left AND right on each rep of hanging knee raise.

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