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Abdominal Muscles and Their Types

The four main abdominal muscle groups that combine to completely cover the internal organs include – transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, external oblique muscles and internal obliques.

The transverse and rectus abdominus are located on both sides of your abdomen while the external and internal obliques lie along the outside edge of your rib cage. These muscles work together with other core stabilizers such as the diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles to provide stability for all movements in which you engage. They also help maintain posture by keeping your spine straight when standing or sitting up tall.

Abdominal Muscles Types

Transversus Abdominis

This is a deep layer of flat sheet-like musculature running from just below your ribs down into your pelvis. It helps stabilize your torso during movement and provides support for your back. When this muscle contracts it pulls your belly button toward your spine.

Rectus Abdominis

Located at the front of your body between your chest wall and pubic bone, this muscle runs vertically through your midsection.

External Obliques

Situated on either side of your waistline, these two muscles run horizontally across your lower stomach area. Their primary function is to rotate your trunk laterally but they can contract to lift your upper arm off the ground if needed.

Internal Obliques

Also known as “the six pack” because their shape resembles an upside down V, these muscles sit inside your hip bones and attach to them.

If you are planning to build your abdominal muscles and strengthen your core, you should focus on an overall workout regime. You will need to do some form of cardio exercise three times per week combined with strength training exercises twice weekly. If you want to lose weight then try combining cardio workouts with resistance training. For example, doing interval sprints followed by lifting weights would be ideal.

You may find that working out alone isn’t enough; you’ll need someone else’s encouragement too! So why not join a gym? There are many gyms around where people come together to get fit.

But for a beginner going for a high intensity abs workout sometimes become hard without a proper guidance. Sometimes, even highly motivated people leave the training mid-way due to injuries.

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